Compare the pair says Oakeshott | Rob Oakeshott | Independent for Cowper

Independent candidate for Cowper Rob Oakeshott has welcomed another clubhouse promise for Oxley Oval, but warned community groups against getting sucked in to doing the National Party's dirty work.

"Compare the two photos. One just before the 2016 election shows the National Party promising a new clubhouse for Oxley Oval. Now, in 2019, we have just about the same photo op promising the same thing again," said Oakeshott.

"If we compare the pair, we see a desperate National Party roping in quality local clubs to do their bidding, and no clubhouse has yet come of it.

"I have no problems with the promise of a new clubhouse. But, if elected, I can go one better. I will ensure it isn't just promised. I will ensure happens. That's the difference," Oakeshott said.

"I will also ensure facilities like Wayne Richards Park, Stuart Park, Tuffins Lane, the swimming pool and the overall sport strategy of Port Macquarie don't get turned into pre-election balloons and baubles.

'I will treat our community needs seriously and get results," said Oakeshott.

"The National Party have been caught out recycling their own empty words. Actions speak louder than words. We deserve better than this – and that is why I'm standing."

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