How do we know how Rob will behave once elected? | Rob Oakeshott | Independent for Cowper


Rob's contract with the community is to always act with a clear and true conscience, in the best interests of the community as a whole.



  • listens closely to the community,
  • lives in the community,
  • is connected across many sectors,
  • has always made himself available to meet individuals or groups across the whole of the electorate.


Rob believes strongly in a participatory democracy.  If elected, he will convene regular community catch ups across the electorate to gain feedback on Federal Government and local Mid North Coast concerns.  People in our communities will have many opportunities to meet face-to-face with Rob and raise their concerns.


There are no head offices, no party machines, just the Community, Rob and his team.


This makes for real and effective, community-based decision making that has lasting value for our region.