Is there really a chance that Rob will win a safe seat like Cowper? | Rob Oakeshott | Independent for Cowper


It is a huge challenge, but yes, most definitely.


​Our challenge is to convince those who have voted National Party all their lives to make the change this time. Even the most “rusted on” National voters are tired of Pacific Highway by-pass delays, 22% youth unemployment in Coffs, the lack of real help for regional small business, mining expansion at the cost of quality farming land, the poor handling of ecological disasters in our rivers, and the list goes on.


As one local farmer recently put it, “When I asked for help from the National Party, I quickly learnt my farm comes a long way behind party donors...”


It is clear there are many frustrated, angry and disappointed locals. If enough National Party voters take the opportunity to send their party a message, then the seat of Cowper will no longer be taken for granted.