National Party join the shameless “command and control” class | Rob Oakeshott | Independent for Cowper

Independent candidate for Cowper Rob Oakeshott has written to the Australian National Audit Office and the Australian Electoral Commission to seek advice on the new trend of taxpayers' money being controlled by unelected candidates and political parties for shameless political purposes.

“I have seen the debate on this in other parts of Australia, such as unelected candidate Georgina Downer handing out cheques from the Government in South Australia. Sadly, it has now made its way to our region, with Mr Hartsuyker pumping up an unelected National Party candidate by giving him jobs and money," said Mr Oakeshott.

“I am surprised to see these political games being played by our current MP.

“Mr Hartsuyker has appointed a National Party candidate to be the gate-keeper on $22 million of local environmental grants. This treats taxpayers' money as a plaything of the National Party and is deceptive," said Oakeshott.

“It raises the importance of a Federal ICAC when the National Party will control the application process for $22 million of tax-payers' money. How can they not see this as a serious ethical and governance problem?

“In twenty years of public life, this is the first election where I have seen such overt and shameless abuse of taxpayers' money for political gain. It is for this reason I have referred the issue to the Australian National Audit Office and the Australian Electoral Commission for urgent advice for the community," Oakeshott said.

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