Nationals show they would rather cosy up to Labor than a strong regional Independent | Rob Oakeshott | Independent for Cowper

Independent candidate, Rob Oakeshott, says the preferences of the Nationals candidate for Cowper make it clear that, when pushed, the troubled party is prepared to close ranks and protect the existing two-party system.

"Polls have just opened, the ink has barely dried on the how-to-vote cards, and already the powerful two party machine is locking in,” Mr Oakeshott said.

On day one, the National Party have revealed that their campaign against the Labor Party is not serious. They are preferencing Labor over myself."

"What this says is that they would prefer Labor’s so-called retiree tax over a strong regional Independent; they would prefer Labor's negative gearing changes over a strong regional Independent; they would prefer a Bill Shorten to a strong regional Independent." said Oakeshott.

"The National Party are quite simply putting the two party system ahead of our region," Oakeshott said.

"They need to explain their sudden affection for the Labor Party following the release of this how-to-vote card. Most people can see this for what it is: The two party system closing ranks against the rise of regional Independents.

"I’m willing to work with anyone, a Liberal-National Party Coalition or a Labor Government to get results for our region. It’s disappointing the National Party don’t have the same collaborative attitude."

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