No preference deals, says Oakeshott, Independent all the way | Rob Oakeshott | Independent for Cowper

Independent candidate for Cowper, Rob Oakeshott, has announced he will not be doing any preference deals for the coming election, and has fully committed to taking an Independent stance to the ballot box and beyond.

How to vote for Rob Oakeshott on May 18

1. Put 1 in the box alongside Rob Oakeshott's name.
2. Put a number alongside every other name. You MUST number every box for your vote to be counted at this FEDERAL election (different to recent STATE election)
3. Choose YOUR preferences. The Oakeshott team will not be doing preference deals, nor directing people to vote 2-8 in any order. That is YOUR choice.

I will not be doing preference deals with any political party or candidates –Liberal, Labor, National, Greens, Christian Democrats or United Australia Party – in either the Lower or Upper Houses," said Mr Oakeshott.

To empower voters, I invite other candidates to outline their preference deals and the policy sacrifices involved, so there is full transparency."

For our campaign, there is one big danger in doing no deals at this election. With different voting systems at a State and Federal level – and the two elections being so close together – it is vitally important for people to be aware that they must number every box for their vote to be valid," Oakeshott said.

At pre-polling and on May 18, if someone walks in and just puts a number in one box, it is a wasted vote. It will be put in the informal pile."

Obviously, we are encouraging as many people as possible to put a number 1 next to Oakeshott Independent. But the next step is just as vital: put the rest of the numbers between 2-8 into the remaining boxes according to your own preference to make your vote count," said Oakeshott.

If anyone has any concerns at all about this, we encourage them to drop into one of our campaign offices at

104 Horton St Port Macquarie
6 Sea St West Kempsey
4/27 Park Ave Coffs Harbour

People can also contact the Australian Electoral Commission on 132326 or via

For further details, please contact Deb Spillane


M: 0418 603513