Oakeshott commits to ending the 30 year wait for a Coffs Harbour bypass | Rob Oakeshott | Independent for Cowper

At the Coffs Harbour Bypass Action Group “Meet the Candidates” forum this week, Independent candidate for Cowper, Rob Oakeshott, committed to cutting through delays on the Coffs Harbour bypass in a transparent and timely fashion.

(Rob at the "Meet the Candidates Forum" held by the Coffs By Pass Action Group) 

"I don’t know what has been happening for the past 30 years, but not much it appears," said Mr Oakeshott. "The inability of Government to build a Coffs Harbour bypass in the three decades since the Kevin Waller coronial recommendations is the greatest infrastructure failure of our generation."

The quality of the build either side of Coffs makes the inaction really stand out. The drive south to Sydney is a particularly stark contrast. It's a job completed — apart from a section on the Central Coast.

The safety and time benefits on that drive south show what a difference it would make for motorists to be able to avoid the 12 sets of traffic lights in Coffs CBD. Benefits for the Coffs community would also be massive," Oakeshott said.

“At the forum I was very surprised to hear both the National Party and Labor Party candidates for Cowper express a desire for tunnels, yet not commit to any funding."

In Sydney they are spending over $50 billion on WestConnex — a road from the west to the west, via the inner-west. They are knocking down perfectly good stadiums so they can be re-built at the Government's pleasure. If Coffs Harbour requires a few hundred million spent on getting the best possible bypass then so be it, " said Oakeshott.

"There are seven sections of dual carriageway and bypass work between Taree and Kempsey that I have been involved with at a community level, all successfully completed. I know the process and that's why I know this community is getting played."

"At this point, more social licence is required from Government on interchange locations, gradients for truck brakes and noise. Flood studies and the EIS processes need to be completed and compulsory acquisitions still aren't settled. And this is before you even get into the design detail of tunnels versus cuttings," Oakeshott said 

"We can get this moving. We can build the best bypass possible, quickly, in a transparent and thorough process. The only thing getting in the way is dodgy politics and political apathy."


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