Oakeshott declares national dementia plan a priority | Rob Oakeshott | Independent for Cowper

Independent candidate for Cowper Rob Oakeshott says, if elected, he will push for a national dementia plan to be a health policy priority for the next parliament. Oakeshott made the comments after being part of a panel on the topic at the RED Conference at Sails Resort Port Macquarie this week.

(Rob & panelists at RED - Regional Experience in practical Dementia Care - Conference)

"The event, organised by Omnicare, allowed for a very lively and creative discussion – taking in the views of medical experts, psychologists, dementia carers and advocates, as well as those living with dementia. And yet we continue to wait for a national dementia strategy of substance," said Mr Oakeshott.

“The tsunami of dementia is not waiting for Government to get itself organised. It has arrived, and Governments have to throw much more creative energy into dealing with it.

"It is critical to our region that we finalise a strategy, and that a national strategy links into dementia-friendly strategies within our region," Oakeshott said.

And this isn't a negative conversation. It is a positive one. Living with dementia, and being a community that welcomes, supports, and understands people with dementia, is good for all of us. No matter what our health, we all want good relationships and good experiences. If we can continue to provide those for all people, we are all stronger for it.

"After hearing from some of the participants I will explore the Montessori approach a lot more, looking particularly at how it can be helpful for staff and carers. I will consider the best ways to develop navigation tools for local carers and families, as it currently a lonely and difficult journey for many, trying to work out what is available and appropriate for their loved one," said Oakeshott.


"I will also explore the best collaborative models of care for developing dementia-friendly communities, which ultimately is the goal for our region and country. It was time well spent at the RED Conference, and I thank the organisers for choosing to hold it on the Mid-North Coast in Port Macquarie."


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