Oakeshott gives qualified support for trial of JobActive changes | Rob Oakeshott | Independent for Cowper

Independent candidate for Cowper, Rob Oakeshott, says political competition has led to the Mid North Coast being one of only two sites chosen Australia-wide for a trial of JobActive changes.

[Rob at Nambucca Youthie with Toby Frost and Kas Hirst]

“It is fantastic the Government has acknowledged the failings of the current system that forces young people to submit 20 job applications a month, bombarding local employers with often unnecessary traffic," said Mr Oakeshott.

"The results of the trial in June will be worth looking at. With youth unemployment at 23.3% in some areas of the Cowper electorate changes are needed. The structure of JobActive is one part of the jigsaw puzzle that needs to be pieced together to get these numbers reduced.

“Young people are central to healthy communities on the Mid North Coast that is why I have been meeting with people on the front line of dealing with youth-related issues in our region. We should all feel an obligation to build pathways for them to grow and develop. A big part of this is them having access to work," said Oakeshott

“Not many young people I know have kind words about the JobActive network, and the Government's own statistics tell a clear story. Staff turnover in the sector is 42%. That indicates an unhealthy culture and puts local employment systems under intense pressure.

“For the sake of young people in the local area — and for small business in the local area – I will give this trial my support. If it turns into another 'dole bashing' exercise, or appears to be more about Government spin than actual community building, then I will quickly withdraw that support," Oakeshott said.

“As long as it is about fixing the problem created by Government, then I’m all in. If it's about bagging out kids, then they can do that alone."


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