Oakeshott wants to burst "administrative bubble" hurting NDIS participants | Rob Oakeshott | Independent for Cowper

Independent candidate for Cowper, Rob Oakeshott, is concerned that rigid guidelines on services available through the National Disability Insurance Scheme are having a negative impact on people's lives.

(Rob with Jo Larner on her farm at Missabotti)

"The NDIS promised great empowerment, choice and control for those living with disability but, in practice, there's an administrative bubble that is frustrating and demoralising participants by withholding vital assistance," said Mr Oakeshott.

"The case of Nambucca Valley resident, Jo Larner, is a worrying example."

"Jo has been in a wheelchair since she was 13 as a result of a car accident 43 years ago. She needs regular assistance and a range of services that are all covered by the NDIS, but often she doesn't get them -- simply because of where she lives," Oakeshott said.

"The poor condition of a winding, private dirt road that gives access to her property at Missabotti means community nurses, therapists and other health professionals have frequently refused to call on her for fear of damaging their cars. She recently had a carer resign because of the state of the road.

"For someone who needs help to get up in the morning, this is devastating," said Oakeshott. "Especially given that Jo's number one goal in her NDIS plan is to live in her own home, on the farm she calls her 'haven'."

"Grading the road once a year would probably cost less than $1000. Jo and her partner, both pensioners, don't have the means to cover this and NDIS won't help. Unfortunately, under the definitions that are now crowding the transition to the NDIS it is not considered a service related to her disability. So thousands and thousands of dollars in required and approved services go undelivered," Oakeshott said.

"Expecting Jo in her wheelchair to be responsible for clearing access on the road for all services to reach her is not sensible public policy."

There are plenty of good things about the NDIS, but we've got some work to do if it is to deliver participants the choice and control it promised," said Oakeshott.

(Note: Jo Larner has offered to make herself available for media follow up enquiries)

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