Standing up for regional Australia
This means fighting for better and more equitable access to services such as transport, communications, health and education. Why? Because the needs, attitudes and lifestyles of those who live in regional areas are different to those who live in big cities.

This means treating everyone with compassion, dignity and respect regardless of their age, background, colour or circumstance. It also means rejecting any politics or policy that discriminates against one or more sections of the community.

Protecting future generations
This means doing everything we can to leave a better place for our children and grandchildren. This includes working with communities and individuals to encourage, support and advocate strategies that increase the standard of living for future generations.

Sensible decision-making
This means seeking out, listening to and respecting expert advice on certain topics in order to make transparent, evidence-based decisions. And while knowledge gaps may exist on some topics, there is usually a clear and logical thread of evidence in most cases.

This means spending time bringing people together to work on common goals and achieve positive, meaningful outcomes for the community.

This means being a decent person regardless of any attack or the temptation to respond. Trust and respect in Parliament will be gained through decency, diplomacy and individual action.